Sunday, January 31, 2010

Mendocino Coast 3

This was painted in 1980 from sketches I drew eight years earlier when I lived on the Mendocino Coast. When I did this, I was deep into land locked Northern New Mexico and certain I had found my true home at last.
Things change!
Tomorrow I leave for Sitka, and there is such a sense of returning. I am remembering so clearly how exhilarated I felt to be with the forests and ocean way back then. I was a refugee from the hot, smoggy 'Inland Empire'. My brother Mike will visit me and he mentioned too how similar it seemed to him. As if he were 17 again, coming to see me on the farm.


Margaret Ryall said...

What an interesting concept for a landscape. It's very captivating. Looking forward to hear your thoughts from your residency.

Maureen said...

Wow, Randall. This painting left me astonished.

Sitka will be a wonderful experience for you, I know. So glad you and Mike will visit together there.