Saturday, February 27, 2010

Low Tide, Edge of the Estuary

The last painting of my stay here, I go home tomorrow. What a wonderful place! Because some fellow artists/bloggers have mentioned me recently, I know I have more visitors. And I suspect 99% are artists. If any of you consider yourselves landscape painters, I strongly suggest you apply for a residency here. If you can get away for awhile. It is an ultimate, unmessed with environment, beautiful beyond imagining. I was one of 9 chosen from an applicant pool of 90. I have never heard of such an advantageous ratio. In my exit interview yesterday, I urged them to accept artists who might want to use the surroundings as their subject. The idea of a retreat is great but this place as a source for work should not be minimized. Really, apply!


Mary Kercher said...

Did you paint this plein aire? I will embrace whatever your answer. Finding your blog has rocked my world!

SamArtDog said...

So glad you went to Sitka, RT. And so glad you shared so much of your process. Worth the trip, I'd say. I know being home again will be richer for the experience.

Maureen said...

Randall, you've done marvelous work while at Sitka, and it's been wonderful being a virtual part of your stay there. I know you'll carry the inspiration of this month into all of your new work, which I look forward to seeing.