Friday, January 6, 2012

Rain Forest Autumn Study / Interview

This was a practice painting in preparation for a demonstration I`m doing tomorrow for a group of artists. My oil painting technique isn`t too different from the watermedia process but painting on Yupo is the wild card. It is just so slick and tricky, I wanted some recent 'familiarity' before I begin.
Because I`m often asked if I have an instructional video, I made a proposal to Creative Catalyst Productions to create one. I didn`t get a response so I forgot about it. Months later I received a nice note from the video producer explaining they could not produce one at this time but they would like to do an interview. It was published today on their blog.

mixed watermedia on Yupo 13"x20"


Maureen said...

Congratulations! Lovely and informative interview. (I think the comment about the number of images comes from my interview with you, though I could be wrong.)

I tried to leave a comment at the interview site but it didn't take.

Jo Reimer said...

Lovely painting, Randall. It reminds me of so many forest pathways here in Oregon.
I was able to leave a comment on your interview, asking for a video. At least they're thinking about you. The interview was great, informative, and clearly stated your intentions for your paintings. Good job.