Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Christmas Fog

 Most Northwesterners would strongly disagree, but I think winter is too brief. We have a little autumn color into the new year and by late February, swelling green buds. The stone dead dormancy is over in a moment. This painting comes from my walks on Cook`s Butte  here in Lake Oswego. It`s only a few hundred feet high but in winter it`s often in the clouds.
 The Grand Opening of The Gallery at the Watershed in Eugene is Saturday June 1. The architecture alone is worth a visit, the art is 'real', and in four hours, who knows what will happen.
 I will be part of the Portland Open Studios the second and third weekends in October. Please come visit.
 A lovely woman from China bought my mother`s painting!
 Draw and paint with me in my workshop during Create Eugene.

oil on canvas 24"x18"

work in my studio
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Maureen said...

You have many very good things going on. Hope the June 1 show is fun and successful. Looks like a cool place to be.

Congratulations on that sale! Fine art always finds the home it's meant for.

Jean-Baptiste Pelardon said...

Waow! Composition!
Color and composition…
Waow again!

Isn't it a smart haiku…

Friendly. JBP.