Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Riverlight 2

This is a second version of a plein air painting I did last Oct. on the shore of the Tualatin River. I sure love that river, every view I`ve ever seen of it has been gorgeous. Even in flood stage it`s serene.
In the last two days I have moved my mother [with lots of help] into a retirement home, spent a whole evening in the ER with my partner [he`s OK], been rejected for an artist in residency in Maine, sold a major painting, and I just made a killer mango cucumber salad!
Thailand, they know how to eat!
watermedia on paper 12"x9"

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Maureen said...

I'm so sorry to learn the residency did not come through.

Thinking of your mother and John, and how lucky they are that you are part of their life, Randall.

The state I can only hope to achieve: "Even in flood stage it's serene."

SamArtDog said...

This is wonderfully serene. You're very good at painting places and bringing them to life.

Ruth Armitage said...

Sounds like a roller coaster! I'm so glad John is ok and the biggest hurdle of getting your mom moved. Beautiful painting, and congrats on the sale!

Jo Reimer said...

I'm hoping that your mother makes the move serenely, like the Tualatin. Did you know it originates only 6 miles above our farm and flows lazily at our " bottom" 40? It regularly floods over the valley and when it does we don't feel at all serene as it slowly drowns our trees.
I'm glad John is okay, that you made a major sale, and that you're calmly accepting the decision about the residency. You've enjoyed some good ones and there are more to come, I'm sure.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Whoa! You deserve a break! It does sound, however, that you're bucking up well in spite of it all.
Best wishes to your partner and I hope your Mom is okay with the move.
There is simply no easy way to deal with life. It's so heaped with unexpected and unwanted events. I wish you all the best, and the same to your partner and Mom.
I admire you for pursuing the residency. It takes guts to even apply and just as much to handle the outcome. I'm a big chicken and have resigned myself to painting alone and unnoticed. It works for me, but I'm weak.
Have the best darn day possible tomorrow Randall.