Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Cold Moon

With a show opening Aug. 10 at the White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach OR, and one on the 24th at the Waterworks Gallery in Friday Harbor WA, I`m immersed in the tedious endgame; attaching hardware, photographing and signing them and painting the edges to make them presentable without framing. Thirty two pieces will be leaving my studio soon. Here and there I`ve tried to paint watercolors to remind me I`m really an artist. Though I used to mock traditional technique, I`m now obsessed with transparent watercolor. Unfortunate because I can`t seem to remember how to do it. This began nice and luminous and free of opaque pigments and then suddenly it needed repairs. Out came the acrylics, watercolor crayons, and water soluble graphite. As much as I want to be Winslow Homer, I`m going to have to settle for myself.
watermedia on paper 14x11

available work

participating artist in Portland Open Studios in October


Mary Suzanne Garvey said...

breathtaking piece! Hauntingly gorgeous.

kingfisher said...

You may have had to "doctor" this, so that it didn't live up to your expectations to be transparent watercolor -- but the addition of so much white marks a departure from your usual work and is pleasing!