Thursday, August 15, 2013

In Steven`s Meadow

I saw a very interesting painting on Pinterest the other day that was done on Mylar. Then I remembered I had bought some years ago but hadn`t really played with it much. I found it and did this. It has many qualities like Yupo, the plastic paper from Japan. However, paint seemed to adhere more firmly and did not lift as easily when over painted. Being completely transparent, it required a white surface underneath to see what was happening accurately. I liked it and will explore it further. The subject is one of Lake Oswego`s many parks, a huge meadow that spills down the side of Cook`s Butte. There are a few tiny new trees planted randomly within the grasses.
watermedia on Mylar 9x12

work in my studio


Marla said...

That's very interesting. I haven't used mylar since the olden days, when I used to do technical drawings with a rapidograph pen. But I do remember exactly how it smells.

Jo Reimer said...

Very nice. I like the way you gave the tiny tree substance, as if to give us an idea of its mature size.

Ruth Armitage said...

This reminds me a bit of Andrew Wyeth! Interesting description of the mylar. Beautiful work as always!