Sunday, August 11, 2013

Little Seascapes

I spent a couple of happy days in Oceanside last week. I love the place because there is so much to look at and nothing to buy. It`s cliffs, caves, surf, wide beaches, offshore monolithic rocks and very limited options for eating. The fog rolled in and out constantly, the mood going from existential questioning to celebration. There were families on the beach wrapped in blankets then suddenly in short pants. We happened on two minus tides which left long shallow pools of water in the sand. Watching the sky change in the reflections was magical. The fog, in person, has a gorgeous silver opalescent quality that I found very challenging to paint. How to make the grays come alive? The first up above, is a love letter to Fred Cumming, one of the most poetic painters alive. The second I did standing at the kitchen counter in the cabin where we stayed. I used the tiny paint set Jo Reimer gave me. The only other time I had played with it was in Wyoming and I was just getting started with the painting when I was confronted by a moose. That brush with the water in the handle was surprisingly capable. The third sketch I did in my studio, trying in vain to convey the shimmering fog.
August Wave oil on panel 6x6
Watercolor Shore wc on paper 6x6
Silver Sand oil on paper 6x6

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kingfisher said...

I like the "wave" best, but the others have their own merits. Even though you say your trying to get the silver of the fog was in vain.
I enjoyed the Fred Cuming paintings as well. His idea of including very tiny, or indistinct, people appeals to me.

Did you have a show recently, or is that still upcoming?

Maureen said...

Sounds like a beautiful place to spend a day or two! I like what came out of your time there.

Thank you for the intro to Cuming. Wonderful work!

RH Carpenter said...

Sounds like a perfect place to escape to for a painter!! And these are gorgeous. I am particularly fond of the watercolor, of course, but all three are wonderful - and no moose this time :)