Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hanging Glacier

                                                               oil on canvas 40x30

Another slide to CD from 2000.
When John and I got together, we went to Alaska as soon as we could, we were both really curious.
Outside of Haines is a hanging glacier which I enjoyed best from a distance. Looking toward the mountain from sea level one sees a giant hunk of green ice mid-way up, throwing off a waterfall! One of those things that doesn`t quite seem believable. Alaska was full of astonishing things in an unimaginable scale. A little like the coast of Oregon but  enormous!

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Maureen said...

Beautiful painting, Randall.

That must have been something to see. I wonder, given climate change over the more than decade since, if that glacier is still intact.

usetty said...

Lovely painting. The composition and tones are wonderful.

Libby Fife said...

I always feel like looking at your work is a direct reflection of what you must have seen and felt. It feels like a unique view. This one is lovely-delicate I think.

Mary Suzanne Garvey said...

Glorious! Breathtaking! Randall you are truly magic.