Thursday, October 16, 2014

Carol Marine + Vintage Tiptons!

                                           Carol and Randall in Hood River 9-2-14
                                                      [photo by Sarah Peroutka]

This is a very interesting Do It Yourself era. Along with the 'Sharing Economy', commerce is being remade in a decentralized, less regulated, more individualistic model. Uber, Air BnB, Kickstarter, Angie`s List, Yelp and TaskRabbit are all internet based, innovative businesses meant to empower the consumer with custom fitted choices at friendly prices. I find this a really exciting new order. The arts too are involved and turning traditional venues on their head. A homebound Mormon mother in Arizona self publishes a book about Vampires in the Northwest, and we all know about 'Twilight'! Well, painters got proactive too. Several years ago, Duane Keiser challenged himself to complete a painting every day. He posted photos of these small paintings on his new blog. People noticed, they sold and soon Ebay auctions were needed because of the demand. Carol Marine saw the fun in this early on and stepped up to this daunting challenge too. She had graduated with a Fine Arts degree but was having dismal experiences with galleries and meager sales. Many other artists, including me, followed suit and we rapidly improved our game and soon a movement was born. Carol is a thoughtful, analytical painter with a dead perfect sense of color and value. Her work was soon popular as well and the disillusioned young painter was now self supporting without any assistance from an established gallery. The comprehensive reach of the internet made this all possible. By taking control of their careers themselves, many artists began to flourish. Next Carol had the inspired idea to bring her friends and fellow daily painters together into a website dedicated to the premise. Her husband David designed a site of beautiful ease and elegance.
When fires burnt out of control in the hill country of Texas in 2011, the Marines lost their home and studio to the flames. They moved to the wet part of Oregon and we became friends.
 There is a generosity to Carol that is spontaneous and genuine. Take a look at her new book all about the daily painting movement! She included one of mine!

                                               Sauvie Island Road watercolor 18x24

                                             Sauvie Island Fields watercolor 24x18

                                      Sauvie Island-Circle of Stones watermedia 24x18

                                             Sauvie Island Dike watermedia 24x18

                                                 Foothills Storm oil on paper 24x18

                                                   Early Fall oil on paper 24x18

                                            Reed Canyon Fall oil on paper 18x24

                                                 April Hillside oil on Yupo 20x26

                                                   Creekside oil on Yupo 12x30

For this last weekend of the Open Studio Tour, I`ve pulled these older paintings out of retirement and am offering them with nice discounts.
Come visit!
Randall David Tipton
5373 Lakeview Blvd.
Lake Oswego OR
97035  [near I-5]

available work in the studio

1 comment: said...

Interesting post. Sounds like a creative area full of interesting and bright people.. Must be the weather!
Carol is everything you said... and more. I have been on DPW since the beginning. I like the way they have all levels of artists participating. I took a workshop back before DPW from Carol and learned how to do the small paintings plus blogging and it worked out just like she said it would. I also am grateful to have a painting in the new book.
I am envious of all you wonderful artists having each other for stimulation and support. I follow quite a few blogs from your neck of the country with great pleasure.
I can see the changes in your older work to now.
Growth is inevitable for the serious artist.
You did wonderful art then and are doing even greater paintings now.Life is good.