Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Forests, real and imagined

                             Selva Profunda 1 watermedia on Yupo 14x11 inches 35.5x28 cm

                              Selva Profunda 2 watermedia on Yupo 14x11 inches 35.5x28 cm

                           Summer Morning CB watercolor on Yupo 14x11 inches 35.5x28 cm

 Trees are why I am an Oregonian. Even though most of the original forests are long gone, the scrappy ones that rose in their place please me too. My fate was set during my family camping vacations in Northern Calif. and Oregon. I took a long detour through New Mexico but once I arrived at last, I knew I was home.
 The paintings above are recent, the third one done on location. It really doesn`t matter if I`m sitting there or not. I remember what they look like once I begin. What I especially enjoy when I do paint on site is the stillness and the intermittent sounds. Usually I`m walking through them getting some exercise. I`m taking it in but it`s a shower, not a soaking bath.
 At 19 on a farm I lived on near Mendocino Calif., I would walk into the woods and find a nice spot. I always had a piece of plastic in my back pocket that I sat on to avoid getting wet. I`d smoke some pot and then just study the forest in detail. It was an education.

 For those disheartened citizens shocked and appalled by the administrations environmental destructions, here is an article to give you some hope. The state of Maine once had a governor as hostile to nature as Trump but they are turning things around fast. Thank you Governor Janet Mills!

                                                              Wayne Thiebaud

 And here is a lovely little clip of Wayne Thiebaud talking about his career. What an example of kindness and humility and obsession. He`s nearly 100 but still creating. Here is a recent interview with him. Everyone loves Wayne Thiebaud!

                                                     Flood Waters by Wayne Thiebaud

                                                Ice Cream Cones by Wayne Thiebaud

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Maureen said...

Fun to look through your studio work again. So much to like! I'm very much drawn to "Cold Moon"; also like "Rose Hip" and the graphite work titled "Forest Alcove". Some of your larger pieces are really lovely, especially those with autumn and winter subjects. Your use of color seems to have changed; you're taking more risk with it, I think, and where you also mute it (I'm thinking of "Hog Island") the effect is wonderful (to my eye, anyway). You know, of course, I love your work. I get so much pleasure from the first piece of yours I purchased.

Libby Fife said...


I read the article about Maine. Aside from the legislation that has been passed, I was more excited by what I interpreted as a return to greater civility. Tone and temperament matter a lot and these days especially they are really missing in a lot of what goes on. So, thank you for the article. It's encouraging.

Who doesn't love Wayne Thiebaud? I have seen one of his pieces at the Crocker in Sacramento. He seems like such a nice guy.

My favorite from the pieces that you showed is from the middle group, first piece. The forest looks alive, like the branches might reach out and get you! I really like that:)

Hope you are well. Thank you for another great post.

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, my, Randall, you have been busy. I can't choose a favorite of these because all of them are excellent - and show your love for the area so much! Now I need to read the other bits you shared :)