Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Autumn River - Anish Kapoor - Interview

                                                        Autumn River oil on canvas 58x44

 Another in an unorganized series of paintings focused on the Tualatin River in Fall. The water is high, a murky green and a perfect foil for the fiery colors of the season. Here are a couple of others;

                                                        December Runoff oil on panel 6x6

                                                      Tualatin Overflow oil on canvas 30x24

 So I was resting my feet and perusing Pinterest the other day and I get a notification of some activity. This happens all the time and I usually look but not always. I click the red icon and it says Anish Kapoor is following you. I kind of reeled and thought what the hell?? To put this in laymen`s terms, it`s as if Angelina Jolie asked to be your Facebook friend. Mr. Kapoor is a sculptor of such huge international importance, I`m sure it was a staff member. I`ve wanted to write about him for awhile but have been too daunted by his work. He`s one of a handful of artists whose work ignores convention and excites the imagination of almost everyone. Ai Weiwei and Ann Hamilton are another two.
 This is Kapoor`s most famous work;

                                                        Cloud Gate Anish Kapoor

Nicknamed the Bean, the real name is lyrical and suggestive.

                                                              Leviathan Anish Kapoor

 An enormous sculpture viewed from the inside too!

                                                           Ascension Anish Kapoor

 A sculpture made of smoke!

                                                    untitled sculpture Anish Kapoor

Extruded concrete

                                                              Orbit Anish Kapoor

Monumental sculpture for the London Olympics

 Addie Hirschten interviewed me on Skype in March for her podcast Alchemy of Art.  It`s a sweet, friendly conversation and I turn the tables on Addie and interview her a bit! Why is it we can`t stand our own recorded voices?! I had to steel myself to listen but after a bit I realized it was OK!

                                                    Forest - I pad

 Finally took my I-pad into the woods! I need more practice.

work for sale in my studio


Libby Fife said...


Look at what you made your I-Pad do! Amazing that it's even possible. I like the marks for the ferns too. It's a landscape space without being a landscape.

I remain in amazement of people who have the kind of colossal vision like Anish Kapoor. It seems almost audacious to imagine sculptures like that, of that size and design. That's thinking beyond my capabilities.

The paintings are beautiful. Are you having trouble with cohesiveness, putting the work together? (Not sure if that is the right way to ask this question.)

Thank you for a good post. I am going to listen to the interview in a bit, and for the record, I dislike my voice also. Wonder why it is always so strange to hear yourself recorded?


Mitch said...

I think it is entirely reasonable that it is Anish Kapoor following you and not one of his staff members using his account. Certainly he wouldn't have people who do his looking for him? And if he looks at images on Pinterest, yours certainly abound in the popular ones.
Kudos on the latest interview. You are such a pleasure to listen to because you are so purposeful with words, careful to select those words that carry the most weight in expressing your meaning.
Are the works you post here intended for your upcoming show? They are wonderful.

Randall David Tipton said...

Strangest thing is, the day before I remarked to a friend that "Anish Kapoor is god"! Maybe he heard me!