Monday, November 13, 2017

Before the Snow

                                                   Before the Snow oil on canvas 24x20

 It wasn`t my intention to create a tonalist painting, but it was as if Emil Carlson was whispering in my ear to slow down and use smaller brushes. Coax the image into life. This was another failed painting that I knew I would fool around with again some day. Saturday was the day. I had squeezed random blobs of color, white and clear thick painting medium on the piece. Then I squeegeed them all over the canvas mixing them up in the process. What I had then was an amorphous misty void. Here and there I saw elements of its former life and began to emphasize areas using transparent color. It was more assembled than painted and the palette had to be cold. Maybe because it`s November. It is based on the soggy marsh forests on Minto-Brown Island.

                                                Rainforest Autumn 4 oil on canvas 20x16

 This also became tonalist in my effort to tweak it toward vitality.

                                              Cascade Head Spring watermedia on Yupo 12x39

 There it was, impossible to ignore! An announcement that the Saavy Painter Podcast was having a competition and online exhibition. Reasonable entry fee, and no shipping or framing issues due to it`s digital nature. I thought it was a perfect opportunity to enter a couple of oddly shaped paintings. Cascade Head Spring won third place! Yay me! Nice prizes and a mini interview for the podcast. That`s perfect with my fear of public speaking. The exposure for my work will be considerable too.
You can see the show here.

I was feeling very lucky at the end of Oct. and also applied to be the first artist in residence at Hakeakala National Park on Maui. One month inside the crater! My only competition is the rest of the whole world. Open to all disciplines and nationalities.  I slaved over my proposal letter.

And I submitted for an award from the Santos Foundation for artists of merit. I thought why not? can`t win unless you enter! I also saw that they had extended the deadline. That means they were short of applicants.

 I learned a long time ago to give efforts like these my whole attention during the application process and then forget about it. Usually works unless I want something badly.
I need to be in that crater.

Within all of the reports surrounding this necessary purge in sexual harassment claims and denials, I found this quote to live by "if a woman wants to see your penis, she will ask".
As for gay predators, shame on you! You are not excused because you`ve been denied full acceptance. Your homosexuality is not a shield for you to hide behind.
When power is used to sexually coerce it`s just wrong, we all know it.


 Matthew Dibble is an artist I`ve admired a long time. He shows with Saatchi Online as I do and I`ve watched his career expand with interest. He works hard and every painting I`ve ever seen has something exciting about it.

Too much thinking can be an obstacle for me when painting; the ‘judge’ always seems to get in the way. My connection can only be found in the moment, and I often come back to a sense of my feet on the floor while painting. During these moments some real work is possible…. As artists, we do much better trying to keep things simple. We do better to compare ourselves solely to ourselves. Self-inventory is useful, while self-condemnation is not. Without calling our whole identity into question, there are inquiries that we can fruitfully ask. How am I developing as an artist? Am I doing the work necessary for me to mature? Did I work today? Yes? Well, that’s good. Working today is what gives us currency and self-respect. There is dignity in work. —Matthew Dibble

                                                              painting by Matthew Dibble

                                                           painting by Matthew Dibble

                                                             painting by Matthew Dibble

 He`s terrific, yes?

                                           Fanno Creek Fall watermedia on paper 16x12

 This seemed like a dud a couple of years ago, now I like its wistfulness.

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Monday, November 6, 2017

Bryant Woods April

                                                Bryant Woods April watermedia on Yupo 26x40

 Well I was aiming for a Joan Nelson, but I got another Randall David Tipton.   
    Sigh..    , what can you do? When an artist finds their 'voice' it`s as particular and unique as handwriting. It`s too late to imitate. Yet if one is developing, there might be the opportunity.
The issue is interesting. The student wants that signature style as soon as possible. An early 'mistake' is seizing upon a stylization in which to become identifiable. I think it`s unfortunate because it can short circuit genuine exploration. I did it myself;

                                                         Telluride Canyon watermedia on paper 30x20

 In this piece from the early 80`s I made the massive mountain on the left almost a symbol with those strong diagonals. I simplified the scene probably because I didn`t yet have the skills or patience to make a thoughtful representation. It`s not terrible but it has kind of a 'cheap' look. Or, maybe it`s just the difference between a young man`s expression in contrast to the depth of someone older.
Another stylized landscape from the 80`s;

                                            October Aspen watermedia on paper 48x36

                                                       Marc Chagall and daughter Ida, 1945 (Lotte Jacobi)

 What a good Dad!

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