Sunday, July 20, 2008

#21 Bare Trees

There has been one person most responsible for me being able to paint, now into middle age. My bright and generous brother Gary bought my work early and often. When I was just 19 he financed a year of painting during a time when I lived on a communal farm far from home. His faith and support I could always count on. This week we discovered he has pancreatic cancer. I hope I can help him now.

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cje said...

Hi: It would be around two years ago now. A co-worker learned he had pancreatic cancer. The statistics were unnerving, his time was limited. He began his chemo and all that goes with this disease. Well, it's one of those stories you hear, he goes in to the doctor one day and they can't find any cancer! I always tell him he set the bar too high on calling in sick. Perhaps he would have something of worth to share.