Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rain on the Marsh

I just looked at my Thesaurus for different words for wetlands. Surprisingly few in common usage. 'Rain on the Fen'?, ah.., what`s a fen? Paintings must be titled, it`s a matter of accounting and organization. My practice is to stick with the facts. This lack of imagination can cause chaos later, especially over the phone; is it 'Marsh Morning' or 'Morning Marsh'? Not so good for business. Numbers might seem like a solution but those are even harder to remember! I`m open to suggestion.


Suzanne McDermott said...

I learned a new word to title the painting I posted today. Love the perspective in this piece. It's very November-y to me. I'll let you know if any possible title pops to mind.

Patrice said...

I love this painting... (by any name).

Cynthia Tank said...

"Fen" is a great word; don't be afraid! My advice as a writer is to keep using that thesaurus--be as bold with your language as you are with your paints. And anyway, a Tipton painting is fabulous no matter what it's called.

Quy Luong said...


I work with computers and of course, naming conventions were used to organize files and provide description. In our world, where the files are about commands the convention is verb-noun or for reports, we use department-verb-noun-description

May I suggesting something similar like year place subject mood/color?