Friday, May 21, 2010


This is the source of my torment. One of them, there are two. My patience snapped and I resorted to a technique I use when desperate; I make a thin wash of paint and splash it over the whole thing. A 'ghost' remains and can sometimes lead me back into the painting. Now, without all the annoying detail and too many colors.


SamArtDog said...

My patience snapped this afternoon. The culprit is a frozen pastel. A good idea gone nowhere. An unsalvageable pastel is almost impossible; I should at least be able to save the paper, but all I want to do is burn it. Ack.

Instead, me and the dog drove out to the Humane Society, bought a big bag of little men (roast chicken flavor) and handed them out to the inmates.

We all feel a little better.

Cynthia said...

Don´t tell me this is really ghosted over the beauty on the top foto!!!????? omg,,,,but I totally understand the "snapping of the patience thing" I always seem to throw red on mine when things go south. Hopefully now you feel better and it will work itself out.
Sam the Art Dog always makes me smile,,,I hope he cheered you up too :)

Maureen said...

The wash in the second image produced the effect of a cavern. . . the third, eeriness. Yes, ghostly.

Having just seen "Red", the play about Rothko, I appreciate the torment of seeing in mind what the hand does not produce.

kate said...

I'm about to get out the alcohol and see if it will rid me of some too bright areas on a small (8X11) drawing in India Ink on yupo. Maybe I should use gin and if it doesn't work I can just drink it.

Good tip about using a thin wash over watercolor. Now I want to try that. I have one in my rip-it-up pile that might be a good candidate.

Jala Pfaff said...

(The other one being moving?) ;)

Interesting, I do the same thing when I'm super frustrated--I semi-obliterate it and then I can breathe again.

Katie Wilson said...

All 3 stages are beautiful. The wash was a very civilized approach.