Thursday, February 10, 2011

Reed Canyon Study 2011

When we lived in our former, densely populated, treeless neighborhood, the Reed College campus was a welcome oasis. The last free flowing spring in Portland originates here and creates a shallow canyon as it flows west. I did many paintings of this place.


Unknown said...

This is a lovely composition. Bravo

kingfisher said...

this is a lovely piece. I enjoy all of your work, but am especially fond of your Oswego Creek and your renderings of water and shade.

And being a fellow Oregonian adds to the enchantment; there's "no place like home."

For as many years as I was able, every summer I was a creek-wader, even when other adults thought that sort of venture was for kids.

I still have delicious memories of wading in lower Oswego Creek, down near the iron smelter, where the creek flows into the Willamette, during a couple months' stay in Portland more than 15 years ago.

Do you ever paint that portion of the creek? The swirls of clear water sliding over the creek-bed's dusky sculpted sands, not more than knee deep during an Indian summer? Are the vestiges of ancient pilings still there?

It doesn't have all the lovely trees and lush growth that you depict on the upper reaches, but looking down into the waters was wonderful. I'm not sure I saw the Reed spring, but enjoyed other natural water-and-tree views.

Thank you.

Randall David Tipton said...

Hello Kingfisher, thanks for your memories! Oswego Creek, from the dam to the Willamette, has been kind of an obsession since moving here last spring. I`ve painted numerous studies and a couple of larger pieces. I never see anyone back there either, all that beauty unobserved!

kate said...

Wow! As you know, my son went to Reed, but I never saw the canyon. Next time we're up we'll have to go!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

so much to like about this one. The background is almost like a rorschach blot. Fabulous design and great color.