Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Over the Sea 17

Having finished a session with my big project I went to the watercolor side of my studio and painted this. This is on Aquaboard made by Ampersand and it`s one of many new supports for watercolor. This was my first experience and I like it!
Soon, we`re leaving for a trip to New Mexico. It`s where my father was from, and where I too lived for many years, some of them not so easy. It`s with mixed emotions I return. John, on the other hand, can`t wait. He`s fascinated with low humidity being an Oregon native, and he`s craving sopapillas.


Ron said...

Enjoy the sun!

Rolandelli Design said...

Very lovely!!

Maureen said...

I like this a lot, Randall. It is so appropriate a complement for the feelings I'm experiencing this Holy Thursday.

It conveys great drama in the rush of the storm clouds.

Montse said...

Good work!

Un saludo desde Bilbao

RH Carpenter said...

Low humidity sounds like a good thing right now. Enjoy your trip! Bring back many painting inspirations :)