Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sunlight-Brandy Creek

I`m working on smaller paintings of the Whiskeytown area to send back for display in the visitor`s center.
In a recent comment, 'Moss' asked that I elaborate on the content of the workshop I gave a couple of weeks ago.
Well, it began with an emphasis on seeing. Since we were in a beautiful mountain community, landscape was the source material. I asked the participants to 'dissect' what was before them, then note any emotional response that process produced. I wanted them to respond to the elements that excited them, be it a spatial quality, the unique light, a particular landmark, maybe the textures or something more diffuse;, just the mood of the scene. They made quick sketches then returned indoors to begin. Using their memories and brief drawings, compositions were arranged. Everything that followed was an attempt to help them realize their 'vision' of the subject. The techniques involved different mediums in pursuit of this goal. Traditional watercolor methods require too much planning, any excitement for the landscape can be lost. I showed them strategies I use to keep the work going. Make a 'mistake', paint over it with acrylic. And bear in mind the different abilities each medium possesses and how they interact. Combine whatever it takes to arrive at something personal. Variations of these ideas throughout the day.


Maureen said...

I decided to take part in a 30-day online writing initiative for which a prompt is posted every day. I'm responding in poetry. Reading your post here, I think the "process" you describe is not so different from what I'm doing with my writing, just that the source (cotent) is a quote or other words. I still have to "see" what I want my response to be and putting it into poetry rather than prose is the challenge, more so because I'm using primarily a compressed form. Sometimes I go back and "paint over" the words with new ones that better capture the vision or image I want to convey.

Cathy said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful!