Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Central Coast

I snapped a photo of this outcropping from the car on the way to the San Luis Obispo airport last week. There were several of these monoliths in the area, the most famous being the rock in Morro Bay. The central coast is relatively undeveloped with rural areas that seem like what California once was. I got nostalgic for my childhood in the 'Inland Empire', something that rarely happens.

oil on paper 18"x19"


kingfisher said...

Ahhhh! I like this! The cool blues! Thanks.

RH Carpenter said...

The power of a blue day! Beautiful - I enlarged this so I could see the brushstrokes on that rock - very nicely done to carve it out and give it texture.

Jo Reimer said...

It's amazing how you got the sense of strength and weight of that majestic rock. You have definitely mastered your medium.