Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oaks Bottom 5 [again]

The workshop I taught was this weekend and I learned a lot! I`ve always heard teachers say that and it`s true.
For today`s demonstration, I wanted to show that a failed painting can be given new life. The bottom painting was the fifth in a series I did six years ago of the wetlands landscape of Oaks Bottom in SE Portland. I never was sure about it and probably would have destroyed it but Laura Foster liked it and I trust her. There was a stark quality which didn`t seem right, but I kept it and stored it away.
So the workshop seemed a good opportunity to demonstrate how a combination of mediums and experimental techniques might revive the painting`s chances. The gamble worked and the new version is much more to my liking.

Mixed watermedia on Yupo 26"x20"


Floriana Quaini said...

Molto belli i tuoi dipinti. Ci trovo una grande armonia di colori e forme e tante idee originali.
Ciao, Floriana

Maureen said...

What a difference you've made in abstracting and adding color and lushness to the foreground, which you've also brought forward, heightening the perspective; also giving the water depth and light. You've gotten rid of the flatness of the earlier painting and charged the "new" painting with movement and life, a sense that you've invested something of yourself in the environment. Excellent studies in contrast of before and after!

Ruth Armitage said...

I'm glad you posted the original again. Amazing difference. It was a joy to watch you work! Thanks again for a wonderful weekend workshop!

Jo Reimer said...

I'm wishing I'd taken photos of the inbetween stages. The result is a definite improvement as you've given the space depth and energy. It's most definitely stronger. I get a sense of movement and depth in the water that wasn't there before.
Good job; helpful workshop. Keep teaching.

Kim Rempel said...

I believe in that too. And wow - is this ever awesome. Beautiful work!

Don Gray said...

Wish I could have watched you transform this painting, Randall. Terrific!