Sunday, May 6, 2012

New Growth

watermedia on Yupo 12"x5.25"


Carol Barber said...

Really love this one, so many interesting layers and textures and that touch of red really brings it to life.

Nathan Fowkes said...

Beautiful as always, you're not just prolific your consistent too!

I saw your post about frustrations with blogger, I'm facing having to change my template also since the old template doesn't appear to be supported by the new blogger interface. If you'll forgive an unsolicited opinion, I miss the simple presentation of your previous template, it didn't distract form the beautiful complexity of your work. In the template designer, you're able to choose all the background and typeface colors yourself to create the viewing environment best suited to your artwork. Again, forgive the unsolicited opinion and feel free to ignore it.



Rebecca Berglund said...

Wow, I love the tree trunk! Yupo is a fun "paper" isn't it? I just admire the textures and patterns of light that you have achieved.