Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Brush Creek Slough

Though I suspect they dry up in summer, in Spring the creek is paralleled by small streams and sloughs. They wander through the pastures and are usually dense with plant life. I was sitting along one painting when I had my encounter with the moose. Apparently it was her home.
Another new discovery is Joan Eardley, a Scottish painter whose seascapes, painted on location, are especially moving to me. She died at 42 of breast cancer. This is infuriating.

oil on panel 6"x12"

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Maureen said...

Cancer has robbed us of so many extraordinary talents.

I wasn't familiar with Eardley. Went in search and found a good YouTube video about her. Catterline. where she painted, must be an amazing place to visit; the view of the sea seems endless. It clearly inspired her wonderful canvases.

Tina Besecker Marohn said...

This piece is wonderful Randall!

kate said...

Ah, reflections. I love your reflections, both painted and written.

RH Carpenter said...

Lovely, cool and deep painting; and thanks for introducing us to a fine painter who died too soon. In her Harvest painting, I can see hints of your colors and brushstrokes :) I'll definitely search for more paintings by her.