Sunday, June 24, 2012

Geothermal Pool - progression

I began with a pink gesso ground and used multiple photos to help me compose the structure of the painting. Again I had to work with this dilemma; when something is inherently unbelievable looking, when do you know if you got it right? Some of these pools in Yellowstone are so clear you can look deep within the turquoise 'mouth' from which flows the scalding water. Yet surprisingly, many had thick vegetation right at the edges. Even with the sulfurous smell, it`s all you can do not to jump in. It was chilly and rainy when I was there and these gorgeous 'hot tubs' were so inviting!
Oil on canvas 24"x40"

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Maureen said...

Nature remains endlessly fascinating.

Jo Reimer said...

It's good to see the progression of the painting... sort of like having a front row seat in your mind.

kate said...

I agree with Jo. Thanks for the front row seat in that progression. I could smell that sulfur!