Monday, July 2, 2012

Eastern Oregon Study 4

I`ll be having an opening this Friday night the 6th, at the Hanson Howard Gallery in Ashland OR. I want everyone near southern Oregon to stop what you`re doing and come say hello.
acrylic on Yupo 12"x9"

Available Work


Maureen said...

Hope you get a great turnout. I'd come if I lived on the right coast.

Maureen said...

Well, I should have said if I lived on the left coast; however, I also could have said, if YOU lived on the right coast, because I'm the only place I can be.

You really do need to have a show here sometime.

Jo Reimer said...

Very nice. The mountains are a very effective and looming presence to the grove of trees.

SamArtDog said...

This mountain looks heavenly. Wet and full of birds and life. So unlike it is here anymore. Sigh.
Best wishes for a bang-up show!

Ruth Armitage said...

Have a wonderful time at your opening.... I love seeing all the work hung in a beautiful space! Enjoy the feeling!