Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Hill and Sky

I`m standing again and I`ve started a really big canvas. Just before beginning the oil painting, I attempted this transparent watercolor which did not work at all. I turned it upside down, squeezed matte medium over it and squeegeed it all around. The paint was still wet so some interesting things began to appear. Enough to keep going.
Watermedia on paper 12"x9"


Kathye said...

This is lovely! The blues and greens are so beautiful! Is this finished? is it available? what is water media? Hope you are feeling better!

Jean-Baptiste Pelardon said...

One thing I really love in your paintings is the way you manage two universes : one of landscape on horizontal plan with atmospheric perspective, distance, weight of air and light ; and one of standalone painting, abstract forms and patterns and texture on a vertical plan. Dancing (even with a painful back) on this frontier is maybe the true secret of painting…
Always admirative! JBP