Saturday, November 3, 2012

Late Summer Stream

New, from my time at the coast in September. I went to paint the ocean but found this little creek even more compelling.
oil on canvas 36x36

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kingfisher said...

Quietude. Nice.

Melody Cleary said...

Super special, Randall!

kate said...

Lovely soft, misty colors. As with so many of your water paintings, I'm compelled to find a canoe and paddle into the heart of this.

Maureen said...

Lovely, Randall. Can't help but think after last week's hurricane how even a little creek quiet and beautiful can become a torrent in no time at all. Saw pictures this morning of the aquarium in New York City; it's been devastated. Some 20,000-40,000 New Yorkers are in need of housing. And it's cold there. The devastation up and down the coast has left me so sad.

A Nor'easter is predicted for mid-week. Let's hope it doesn't occur.

A lot of artists I know have been hit hard. I have a friend, Seth Apter, who's conducting an auction for hurricane relief in the City. Details are on his blog Altered Page.


Precioso, me encanta.
Cuando regresas a los troncos, a los árboles, a los arroyyos, a los bosques, disfruto mucho de tus pinturas porque invitas a ensoñaciones, a lugares casi mágicos. Para mi siempre es un placer.

Un salodo desde España, Randall. Magnífico trabajo.