Monday, July 15, 2013

Calapooya Mountain Summer

I taught in my studio today and did this as a demonstration of some techniques. It`s now predictable that I`ll end up being quite excited by the discussions when teaching. Hearing the different motivations, intentions and aspirations individual painters have is stimulating.
The painting is based on a drawing I did in a moving car traveling south on I-5 several years ago. The most casual sketch can contain enough information to evoke a memory of that moment and a more fully realized work later.
watermedia on paper 9x12

available work in the studio


Maureen said...


I read an article about artist David Dewey the other night (it's in the new issue of Image Journal). I liked this quote and thought of you: "I teach students to learn to paint watercolor from inside of the paper, or metaphorically, from the ground up, like a building. It's a foundation that is in all great watercolor."

kingfisher said...

A nice, bright sky. Do you make any color notations on your sketches, or just depend on your memory and whimsy at the time of painting?