Monday, July 22, 2013

Cliff Face

I finally got into the mountains to see the Opal Creek Wilderness. This is a newly designated wilderness that took may years to create. The north fork of the Santiam River flows through the park and is colored the most startling green. There were some deep vistas of the surrounding peaks but it was the smaller details that got my attention. Like this cliff.

The gigantic Titum Arum has finally opened up at the US Botanical Garden. They are by far the largest flower on earth and they smell like carrion to attract pollinators. Take a look at their web cam.
oil on paper mounted on panel 27x42

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Maureen said...

The blooming of our titan arum is being documented in the Washington Post. Every time it blooms it causes a stir. Truly an amazing plant.

Lovely painting, Randall.

Jean-Baptiste Pelardon said...

There's a question I never asked (and never it will be answered): how do you manage to create composition-structure-painting from such a chaos?
Always a mystery for me - and the mark of real artist, I think.
Have a nice summer!

Stephanie Berry said...

Such a lovely painting--it's just become my background on my PC!

SamArtDog said...

What a lousy thing to say about perfectly good carrion.

Ruth Armitage said...

Beautiful painting... I'm so glad you got up to Opal Creek! And thank you for the Titan Arum link :) So cool ...