Friday, July 5, 2013

Na Pali Coastal Fog

 Painted from the memory of a hike on that coast last February.
I`ve been under the weather this week so I`ve been fooling around with watercolors. If you`re curious about the green on the right, that is Holbein`s Compose Green #2. I love the stuff.
watercolor on paper 6x18

 An engineer and a chemist came to visit my studio yesterday. They had flown in from Tennessee to be married in Washington State before the Supreme Court decisions on marriage equality were announced. They weren`t optimistic about the coming ruling. Sanity and fairness prevailed and their vacation became a celebration. They chose the Northwest rather than Iowa or Vermont because they wanted to see my paintings. Now that`s a compliment. For two weeks they`ve been touring Oregon.
Mike is a gifted photographer and Chris is in charge of finding locations, take a look at some of the pictures. These early married couples are scouts for the rest of us. As they introduce and refer to each other as husbands, I wish for them courage and joy!

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