Monday, July 1, 2013

Oneanta Gorge [s]

 Oneanta Gorge is the place to be on a scorching hot day like today. This deep narrow canyon faces north and all the light is reflected. The path is the creek and a pool with a waterfall, the destination.

 This blog was created five years ago today to document a project. Over time it has evolved to be a promotional tool primarily, but also as a sort of journal. My hope is that Google will still exist in 20 years or 50 and that anyone curious, including myself, might see what I was up to. I shouldn`t be optimistic, I`ve taken boxes of LPs and 8 track tapes to the dump.

 Martin Luther King said "the moral arc of the universe is long but it bends toward justice". Last week it took a sharp turn. William Kennedy, a Reagan appointee, cast the deciding vote that declared gay relationships matter and are deserving of respect. By law. One thing is credited for the fast change in attitudes; most people now know gay people. Through countless individual acts of courage, because we insisted on being ourselves, our efforts hit a critical mass. An attitude of fairness and decency has taken hold. Millennials, that scorned generation, understood the issue instinctively. They are voting and changing the political culture of our country. I also believe the catastrophic AIDS epidemic made the nation talk about homosexuals, even if derisively. We came into view and it`s the only gift I have seen from the overwhelming loss. So many creative colleagues died, it felt as horrific and more personal than Vietnam. Those left alive lost their fear as well as their friends and were not about to be silent. And suddenly, years later, there is real change.
I have no doubt my beloved adopted state of Oregon will do the right thing. John and I will benefit financially most definitely but it`s the message it gives to kids that I most care about; it`s ok to be who you are. Centuries of religious antagonism haven`t changed anyone`s sexuality but it has broken the spirits of millions. It`s time for this to stop. We know it is innate and it`s been documented in hundreds of animal species. We are part of nature, God`s plan if you will.
 I come from a deeply Christian background. Thank you to all who thought this through; if the belief that something is a sin is vastly more harmful than the 'sin', something isn`t right.


Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
I'm proud to be the first to write my congratulations/comment on this most important post.
It's about damn time! My personal anger at the stupidity of our species has always been at the top of any scale, but every now and then, we take a baby step forward. This is one of those baby steps, though it feels like a "giant leap for mankind".
I could not be more pleased for my gay friends and our nation. Congratulations Randall, to you, your partner and everyone waiting for this little chunk of fairness after so long a struggle.
Let's keep up hope for more days like this!

RH Carpenter said...

Let me add my heartfelt congratulations for this wonderful post. We, as human beings, should never be afraid to be. At times, our government does good things and I'm looking forward to wedding plans for you and John. May love always find its place in your lives.
And congratulations on your bloggerversary and these gorgeous, cool, light-filled paintings.

Jo Reimer said...

Well said, Randall. It's important to speak out and stand up for who you are. Love lost out to bigotry for way too long. That's not God's message at all; love wins in the end.
I love seeing Oneanta Gorge as you've painted it over the years. You have a way with cool blues and greens like no other painter. These pieces make me want to dive into that cool place and simply stay. Maybe someday I'll even see it in person.

Maureen said...

It really is true: love is what matters, what holds us together.

So happy for you and John!

Melody Cleary said...

Good post, Randall. I was very happy to hear a conservative finally talk some common sense about the issue. Wish change didn't take so long. My best to you and John and, as always, these paintings are wonderful! Peace

glennora said...

At last! Decision day was a fine day to be an American.

Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka said...

My 29-yr.-old daughter is gay, something her dad and I had guessed by the time she was three. I'm grateful that she has come of age during this era of dawning enlightenment. Thanks, Randall and John, for being among the courageous elders who've worked so hard and made so many sacrifices to light the way.

SamArtDog said...

Nice collection of thoughts, Randall. Truth shines. These paintings also make for a wonderful series.

As for Google, it's granted so many wishes, we might regret having ever made them. Ever regret tossing the LPs?

Michael Tipton said...

I have been looking and appreciating your work for close to fifty years and they've always had a special, dreamy quality about them.

It's wonderful to see future dreams becoming possible.

Cynthia Schelzig said...

oh heavenly...this post had me talking to myself,,,,your work does that to me most of the time but all these beauties one after the other....whew. You make me NEED to go to this gorge. Yes, congratulations and all the best to both of you!!