Saturday, August 17, 2013

Another Mylar Landscape + Waterworks Show

I like the stuff a lot. The only disconcerting thing is when I hold a piece up to the light and every single stroke is visible. Because it`s transparent, it has to have a white surface behind it. Now I hear, it`s even suitable for oil painting!
watermedia on Mylar 8x10

                                                       Waterworks Gallery Show 2013
                                                            August 24 - September 14
                                                Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Washington
                                                             with Tom Small - sculptor



Katherine van Schoonhoven said...

Wow. Through your eyes, the world is a lush place, filled with light and possibilities. What a beautiful group of paintings!

All the best the Waterworks show. I enjoy that gallery a lot and make a point of stopping there when we are on the water.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Wow! Some of the Waterworks paintings I recognize, but many seem new to me and they're all great. Seriously...if you don't have a sell-out, I'll wonder why.
Knock-em silly, my friend!

kingfisher said...

What fun, to see a whole group of pics in one post! I like them all. So glad you're getting to show them off in a prestigious place.

Re the mylar, do you use 'tube' watercolors, colored inks, water-diluted acrylics -- in other words, what do you mean by "watermedia"? And do you have to take special precautions not to get creases in the mylar? (I use mylar over the glass on my flatbed scanner bed when I want to scan something damp, like autumn leaves or cut vegies. But in trying to pick up the floppy mylar from the raised rim of the scanner frame, sfterwards, it's very easy to get creases in it.) Or maybe because you work with smallish pieces, and aren't trying to pull the mylar back off the slight raise aarond the edge of the frame, that's not an issue. But you must have to tape it down to keep it from sliding as you work??

Maureen said...

Some really beautiful work here, Randall.

I have several friends who use mylar, and they all use it to wonderful effect. Glad you've discovered it, too.

Blueberries & Birds said...

Mylar, or more rigid plastic, or even glass, may be painted with oils, which, when drying, "crackle" or fragment, adding to the serendipity of the celebration of a way of seeing and manipulation the abstraction. A final coat of opacifying color can add a lot to the dynamic of the oil.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thank you for that information Blueberry and Bird! Who are you? Where are you? Your one blog entry is fascinating! RDT

Nathan Fowkes said...

Drop dead beautiful show, I wish I could make it out to see the originals.

RH Carpenter said...

Green is so beautiful when it comes from your brushes!!!