Saturday, August 31, 2013

More Floods!

For some reason it`s hard to concentrate on new stuff when I have a show up somewhere. I wonder how they`re doing. This is when the paintings meet the world and become works of art. Consequently, I`m still in a goofing off mode. I have something ambitious under way but it isn`t going well so I do small paintings. That has had mixed results too.
After I clean up at the end of the night, I`ll sit down and look at art online. Before going upstairs to bed I`ll go take a look at what I`ve done. Often that will get me painting again though now it isn`t a 'real' session, in fact I should be sleeping. Good things happen. It`s sort of like how men will have the important conversations standing in a driveway saying goodbye to someone.
oil on Yupo 12x12

White Bird Show
Waterworks Show

Portland Open Studios Tour
Oct. 12 &13 and  Oct. 19&20


joanieART said...

I love these two pieces...they are silent in an exquisite way, yet so alive. Bravo!

Jo Reimer said...

Lovely pieces! I haven't been in town to see your show yet... Too many tourists! I'll go to White Bird Tuesday if they're open.

Colours by sheri said...

I'm new to your site and work....enjoying these pieces and also like the pieces featured in the Portland OS promo. I have an open studio the 14 &15 Sept......wishing us both good traffic! Sheri

Marla said...

I love your description of those last few minutes when you should be sleeping - I always try to work early because that's when my energy is best, but sometimes being tired can trick my brain into trying a different path.