Sunday, August 3, 2014

Iron Mt. Fog 4

                                  Iron Mt. Fog 4 oil on panel 20x20"

Although I liked the underpainting, the end result began to bother me;

                                                Iron Mt. Spring


It was sitting around the studio and those lurid mint greens started to really annoy me. So I put a translucent white wash over the whole thing. This is my last resort strategy if the idea and composition had some true merit and I want to keep going. Then I began again. This time the 'corrective' whitish glaze suggested a kind of ghostliness that appealed to me and I went with it. It`s not at all 'accurate' but I can say definitively, it brings me to that cool, foggy trail in November.

Check out the German painter Karl Klingbiel`s work. Once again, because of Pinterest, I discovered a formidable artist I probably would never have heard of. He extends abstract expressionism in a fresh, personal direction using clear, vivid color and an active engagement with negative space. His work is staggering!

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1 comment:

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
Superb! I'm surprised you don't also do work for Hollywood and TV, designing backgrounds for projects like Harry Potter or the Hobbit.
I'm certain that someday, your work will be in retrospectives and museums around the globe, Randall.
Such mystery and mysterious worlds can be found in your paintings, yet they give viewers peace, tranquility and a glimpse of nature's wonders at the same time. I'm no art critic, but it seems you've truly hit your stride, found your voice and are doing the finest painting of your career.
Bravo, Randall!
PS Thanks for sharing Mr. Klingbiel's work with us.