Saturday, August 9, 2014

Trout Water + Lotus + Garden Party!

                                                    watermedia on paper 14x11"

I was going to dangle some roots into this water and show the river bank but it was active enough.

                                                    watermedia on paper 6x6"

                                                   watermedia on paper 12x9"

My first plein air experience this summer was with Ruth last Wednesday. We were scoping out Rare Plants Research, a nursery near her home. The owner, Burl Mostul, was seeking artists to paint on location for a special event, open to the public, later this month. To be part of the entertainment so to speak.
I had done something like this for an AIDS benefit and I enjoyed it.
So on a perfect summer day, we sat in the shade and painted the lotus and lilies in one of the ponds. Time slows down when painting on site and as often as I`m out and about in the forests, I`m rarely still. It was a sweet afternoon and we agreed to take part in the Garden Party. This nursery is remarkable for its unusual collections. There were potted 'trees'  from Madagascar lining a drive that were straight out of science fiction, Taro plants as black as night, variegated bananas, a Romanesque house and pergola, multiple greenhouses alive with odd specimens and lush grounds surrounding a vineyard. It`s a very unlikely, amazing operation in rural Oregon City! I had no idea.
Here is the invitation and link to purchase tickets, it`s going to be an interesting fun evening;

work for sale in my studio


Melody Cleary said...

Absolutely love Trout Water!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

The reflection painting is my fav. STUNNING!
The waterlily is beautiful too.
You made me quite restless to find a lily pond. It has been a while since I painted one.
When I was in India I was amazed how the most beautiful lotus would grow out of what looked like muddy patches.

Ruth Armitage said...

Your descriptions are spot on & I love the paintings you came away with. I look forward to seeing you on the 23rd!