Saturday, November 8, 2014

Demo + the long life of a little drawing

                                      November Oneanta watermedia on paper 24x18

This mornings 'open studio'/demonstration was exactly what I wanted. Eight friendly people, good questions, stories, wit and networking. Painting is just too solitary! Unless one attends life drawing sessions, a critique group or some other social yet artistic gathering, it is just too isolating. I`ll continue doing this on the second Saturday of the month as long as it`s fun.
 The painting began as an earnest watercolor but ended mostly in acrylic. Though I`ve painted this gorge many times, working on actual paper instead of yupo was an adjustment.

 That is Carolyn Germane Conoy standing with me. Photos by the award winning Jo Reimer.

 The remarkable Linda Robertson came by the other day to watch me paint and to coach me on Facebook, promoting and mailing lists. She had been a visitor during the Open Studio Tour, then wrote a post on her blog about our meeting which resulted in a sale.  Linda lost a close friend recently to brain cancer at an unacceptably young age. This woman`s sister in St. Louis saw Linda`s blog and her link to my website. One of my paintings reminded her of the hikes she did with her sister and she bought it. Sweet story.
 Linda asked that I demonstrate on paper, so I obliged. She wanted to learn anything she might apply to her encaustic process. Because I think photography is way overused as a reference source, I like to work from drawings or memory if possible. I took out an old pocket sketchbook and worked from a sketch I did sitting on the edge of an overlook in Ecola State Park. That drawing had been the source for this painting;

                                         Cove and Headland oil on canvas 48x48

It was directly behind me in the studio but I only referred to the drawing [1995];

This is the watercolor I did with Linda;

                                            Fog Bank watercolor on paper 16x12

work for sale in the studio


Libby Fife said...

So glad that the open studio demo went well. Any artist that says that interaction isn't important to the process is just fibbing!

I keyed in on the paragraph about photos and drawings. It's what I think also and painting strictly from my sketches and color notes is something that I am actively working towards.

Another good post-thank you!

E.M. Corsa said...

So nice to "see" you. I almost felt as if I was there. Very drawn to the long horizontal painting on the wall by the way.

I too work from my own sketches done on location and only occasionally from one of my own photos.

Don Gray said...

What a great post and a fabulous painting you did at your demo. Thanks so much for coming to my open studio event today--great to see you and sorry I didn't get a chance to visit more. I hope to be there on your next demo day.

Melody Cleary said...

Good post and photos - I do agree that photos can be overused as a reference - too often the result is boring colors. I often convert them to b & w to just see values and go from there. I'm sure glad I'm part of a critique group.

RH Carpenter said...

OK, coming to see you in your studio and watching you paint is now on my bucket list!! Lovely work and this is working out so well for you, too, opening your studio and making new contacts /friends/buyers!

Margaret Ryall said...

I wish I could just drop by and see your work "in the flesh". I agree that art is too solitary and sometimes you are caught swirling around in circles because you never have to elaborate on your thinking. I was part of a critique group that was very helpful, but it just dwindled . I miss it. So online pursuits have to suffice.