Saturday, March 7, 2015

Wetlands Forest - Opening - generational hope

                                                       oil on canvas 20x16

 Another from the marshy area where Fanno Creek joins the Tualatin River.

 It was cute. At the opening of my show at the Museum 510 last night, people would tell me about the swamps in their lives. The need to connect is powerful!
 Such a fun evening! I`m still a newbie in my community so I had zero expectations. That is a condition for delight, the crowd was very sweet and appreciative.
We got there early and I took a few pictures;

                                               John and my sister in law Mary

Take a look at the work of Claudia Bos. From what I can tell from her website, these aren`t recent but they`re definitely worth seeing. She has a fresh, confident, poetic way with watercolor. Such as this one:

 Now a word to the wise. Never give large artworks to young people! Even if you are also young!
Near the end of my semester of art school I did this really large painting and then gave it to my brother Mike. I was 19 and he was 17. Bless him, what a responsibility I dumped on him! He has hauled that canvas from home to home for 42 years! It hangs above his bed occupying most of the wall. The painting was inspired by freezing rain. Here it is;

 Alone on a walk a while back, I stepped off the path and into the forest. I looked around and saw this in the distance;

 This cheered me. It`s a fort!
Generalizations about young people bother me. All the complaints about their electronic habits seem sort of hysterical. We all have powerful computers in our pockets and this is astounding. I have notifications turned on, I look at it in restaurants, I`ve abandoned the telephone  and I text like everyone else. I don`t worry about the new ways of communication that are evolving. Business, social negotiations, entertainment and intimacy happen online now. Let`s be tolerant.
But I almost never see children in the forest and this seems sad.
My generation was ushered out the door and told not to come back in until dinner. Today, parents seem too fearful to trust their kids to be unsupervised. Ever. I`m sure young imaginations just take a different turn but what concerns me is them becoming afraid of the outdoors, of being in nature. Because it`s unknown. This too is probably a needless worry. I hope so, I built many forts.

work for sale in my studio
demonstration in my studio Sat. March 14, 10 am. 5373 Lakeview Blvd. Lake Oswego OR 97035


E.M. Corsa said...

Ice and Light, what a fabulous painting. Tell Mike if he gets tired of lugging it around, I'll take it off his hands.
A favorite book by Richard Louv re: getting out in nature:
The Nature Principle
It's proven that even exposure to dirt lifts mood and improves the immune system. Cool book.

RH Carpenter said...

Ah, you were a success before you had this show, but those red dots = sales = a good thing and money for more art supplies :) Glad the show was a hit and I love the painting your brother carries around. He must love it, too, or he wouldn't put it over his bed wherever he goes. Seeing your paintings in the gallery on the walls really shows them off even more than on your blog. WOW! And thanks for sharing the new artist - love her watercolors and wish I could elimate so much in my own work and still have such beauty left over.