Sunday, May 31, 2015

Plein Air Lake Oswego

                                                 Along the Canal watercolor on Yupo 12x12

This was today`s effort for the Lake Oswego Paint Out. Although I`ve done lots of location work over the years, this is the first competition I`ve entered. Some of the rules seem odd but I`m compliant. The canal feeding Lake Oswego runs along the east side of Bryant Woods, a favorite city park of mine. I was up on the embankment above the water and painted in almost complete privacy. I prefer to talk when painting outdoors but it was nice being in the jungle alone. Everything is at the peak of the season`s growth cycle and soon will begin to dry out. It`s an extravagant moment and I was happy to be sitting in the middle of it. This is my set up;

 I set the board with paper on my lap.
Now yesterday at the astonishingly complex and active Luscher Farm, I had the ultimate plein air experience. The weather was sublime, sunny with a gentle breeze, and I sat in the shade of enormous old trees and had lively conversations with the public, friends and other painters. Exactly why I`m participating. To me, painting on location is social.
Daniele took our picture, I`m painting with Burt Jarvis;

This is what I painted;

                                        In the Stafford Valley watercolor on Yupo 12x9

I thought this valley was named after  William Stafford, Oregon`s most eloquent voice and a Lake Oswego resident but it wasn`t, it was named after another community in Ohio.
Nonetheless, he and his work are always worth celebrating! Here is one of his poems I pulled from Pinterest;

 Speaking of plein air, this is what I arrived at with the painting of the old oak tree I did in Calif. with Marcia Burtt;

                                            March Forest Spring oil on panel 21x20

A whole different state and climate! I wish I had let it be! This is what it was in California;

Oh well. I could fill a gallery with work I`ve destroyed and wish I hadn`t. And a larger one with work I sold but wish now I had destroyed.

 There is a bumper sticker you see around town that says 'Keep Portland Weird'. I don`t think its personality is too threatened yet. This equine traveler was in the baggage area at the airport last week;

 Four days left in the Paint Out!
Tomorrow, Monday June 1st., I`ll be painting at the beginning of Oswego Creek, by the rocky pools below the dam. Ordinarily  I would access this magical area by walking upstream from George Rogers Park. But I`ll have my painting gear so I`m going to park near the apartments off SW Maple around 1. Someone please come talk to me!

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Libby Fife said...

That second photo is so lush-such greenery! And the black and white results are so striking in comparison.

Funny about what your CA result turned into. Maybe the mind just gravitates towards a familiar state and then your hand paints that image!

Here's a "howdy" for your time out today. Have a good time and be sure to wear some sunscreen and stay hydrated. That stuff sneaks up on you:)

Ruth Armitage said...

Hi Randall,
I love what you've come up with so far. I can't make today... just home from Texas and picking up some family members at the airport. Are you painting out any other days this week? I could do Tuesday any time or Wednesday afternoon.
xo R

E.M. Corsa said...

Loving that first one Randall. Beautiful poem too. So funny; for me, painting on location is something I enjoy privately. I don't enjoy talking. I much prefer to listen to the birds and the wind and the buzz of insects and the roll of the waves. But I promise, if we ever go out and paint together, I'll be nice.

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, that first one is stunning!! Should be a winner, in my opinion. And good to know we are all mistake-laden humans and sometimes don't know when we've put out something really good - so it just needs a few more brushstrokes here and there and...then it's something totally different! ha ha We've all done it. Hope the rest of the plein air goes well with lots of new friends met and new clients gained :)