Saturday, September 12, 2015

Oregon Refuge [s]

                                                    Oregon Refuge 6 oil on canvas 20x16

 On a hill in the Finley Wildlife Refuge is an enormous oak with a platform built around it for a comfortable view across a sweeping meadow with distant trees rising from a ridge beyond. It is a rare scene of how Oregon looked before the settlers arrived and it is sublime. Though I like to work in series, I don`t want to continue without sufficient interest. Though I`ve only seen it twice, both times in Spring, this view seems iconic in its hopeful beauty. Here are the other five;

                                                          1. oil on canvas 14x11

                                                          2. watermedia on Yupo 12x12

                                                          3. watermedia on Yupo 20x20

                                                          4. watermedia on Yupo 20x20

                                                         5. watercolor on paper 13x11

 When he was alive, Francis Bacon was extremely controversial in the art world. For good reason I thought. In my opinion the quality of his work declined drastically after 1960 or so. Became formulaic. Earlier in his career he did surprising images of people and animals in motion, businessmen trapped in deep blue voids, the famous screaming popes and a poignant series of portraits of Van Gogh. Both horrific and tender, he paints the genius artist as he wanders the fields of Arles.

                                                                 Francis Bacon

                                                             from my sketchbook

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RH Carpenter said...

Working in a series on the same subject or same single item, is a good way to explore. I like all of these versions you've painted; and thanks for sharing the Francis Bacon painting - fascinating take on Van Gogh but you know immediately that it's him, don't you? I'll have to search these out and see more. Hope you are enjoying the slide into autumn (enjoyed the quote from Hemingway, too!)

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
These are all so great, I can't pick a favorite. Space, light, great clouds, all beautifully interpreted with such a variety of materials.
Your work has inspired me to try my hand at interpreting, rather than making slavish, bad copies of what I see from the studio windows. Your paintings not only inspire, but also create a challenge trying to get them out of my head!
Do you really have to paint so well?
Between Diebenkorn and you, it's really tough to keep from inadvertently doing derivative paintings. It sometimes feels like you two have used up all the creativity in the world.
But, I'll keep trying.
Have a great week.