Monday, October 5, 2015

Spring Rainforests

                                          Spring Light Bathes the Alders oil on canvas 30x24

                                                  Rainforest Equinox oil on canvas 20x16

 Coastal alders in a different season but new and on view during the Portland Open Studios the next two weekends. Maps are available at Muse Art Supply, New Seasons Market and I have some too.
I`m #8;
5373 Lakeview Blvd.
Lake Oswego OR 97035
ph.# 503 380 4731

 Yesterday I was laying down in the afternoon with my sick cat and we heard something in the driveway. We looked at each other and thought "What?". A very embarrassed woman and her family arrived a week early for the Open Studio. I told her I was honored to be her first stop. I was.

 That`s Jackson, the one with 'issues', the one with the Roman nose, demonic voice and kinky tail, the destroyer of shower curtains and throw rugs, the medicine for a previous broken heart, and my end of the day joy. He has cancer or kidney failure and won`t be here much longer. I took this the other day when doing a workout. He likes to lay beside me and get his stomach rubbed between exercises. Such short little lives.

 Listen to Tom Waits read a beautiful short poem by Charles Bukowski.

And here is a great little video from PBS Art Assignments on the Psychological Landscape, which also explains very clearly the 'figure/ground relationship'.  The featured artist, Robyn O`Neil is terrific.

                                         Wild Turkey by the marvelous Edith Dora Rey

 Though I still can`t find an obituary, it seems the wizard of watercolor Nicholas Simmons died last week. 47, how sad is that? Some tributes here on Wet Canvas.

                                                    my article in Artists on Art

work for sale in my studio

Escape Into Life profile

In Bocca al Lupo show [Nov,Dec]


E.M. Corsa said...

Oh Jackson; what a beautiful boy you are. My black cat had cancer too; so sad but how lucky we are to have them in our lives.
Beautiful equinox painting by the way.
And I got out today and saw we had lost some of the beach road during the storm like we usually do. Otherwise we fared quite well.

Gary L. Everest said...

Hi Randall,
So sorry to learn about your cat. Our favorite cat, brought back with us from our time in Italy died of a similar disease. She was nine and had a very adventurous life. I know Jackson will be missed every bit as much as we miss Misha.
Great post and art.