Saturday, December 5, 2015

Vigil - watercolors - Santa Barbara

                                              Coastal Stream Study watercolor on yupo 12x9

                                                 Lights on the Shore watercolor and ink 8x8

 The holiday weekend with relatives in an out of my brother`s home felt like a party even though my mother was upstairs in hospice. Having so many loved ones about brought out the best in Mom and she was funny and sweet. Midway into the week we thought her time had come but it has not. Meanwhile I got very sick with a cold and had to return home to my bed. This is the third day and I finally felt well enough to paint some, the two pieces above. Tomorrow I`ll return to her bedside. This is such an important time, I hope I`m a comfort.

 An exhibition including four of my paintings opened last night in Santa Barbara at the Marcia Burtt Studio Gallery. I became friends with Marcia after a lengthy email correspondence. She represents another Northwest artist I`ve admired for years, Michael Ferguson;

Please check out the show if you`re in the area!
517 Laguna St., Santa Barbara, CA
805 962-5588 • Th-Su, 1-5 email

And my show continues at In Bocca al Lupo in beautiful Oregon City;

 Come ask me questions Wed. Dec. 16, 7 pm!

I will be teaching a one day watermedia workshop at the Coos Art Museum in conjunction with my show there Sunday July 10 2016


RH Carpenter said...

Sending you big (((HUGS))) at this time as you say goodbye to your mother but share those last precious memories. I know having family around and laughing about old times are the best thing. Take care of you, too - colds and sickness often come from stressful events. I wish I could see your show - someday!!!

Libby Fife said...

Being sick now is probably stressful. I hope that painting helped a little. And I hope that your mom is comfortable. I am sure that your presence is a help.

Good news about your pieces in Marcia's gallery/show. And a class scheduled also. Busy guy!

Feel better.

Ruth Armitage said...

Sending you a virtual cup of comfort tea...
Xo ruth

E.M. Corsa said...

Of course you're a comfort to your Mom. As a mom myself I can guarantee it.
Lights on the Shore - very broody to me and I love it.