Sunday, February 14, 2016

Camassia Oaks

                                                        Camassia Oaks oil on canvas 20x16

 I`ve painted these three oaks several times but never felt I succeeded. So when I was in Camassia last week, I stood on a rock above them and studied them carefully. I`m getting closer.

Laura Foster became my friend years ago after she bought a painting. When we met, she told me she wrote walking guidebooks. Later while shopping I saw "Portland Hill Walks" at Fred Meyer [northwest mega grocery store] and I bought it.
This was way more than maps and landmarks, it was crammed full of history, cultural context, botanical and architectural details, vintage photography and practical information such as where to get a drink of water and use a restroom. John and I would do one of the 'walks' every Sunday followed by Burgerville. The Oregon City walk was one surprise after another, sort of like a scavenger hunt.
 The morning after my mother died and my studio flooded she was at my house  hauling away wet cardboard, organizing my packing supplies and offering needed moral support. Within an hour, her wonderful hydrologist husband Kevin arrived and assessed the situation and told me what I would need to do. Though I refused to even shake his hand, he still caught the wicked chest cold I had.
True, selfless friends.
Laura is publishing a new book on the Columbia River Gorge and I can`t wait to get a hold of it. I want to know where to go that does not involve a waterfall! And where to eat!! When we`re living in Camas, the Gorge will be near and beckoning, and I know the guide will be super helpful. Watch her describe the book in this video.

 You visitors that are artists, listen up. Imagine you get out of bed in the morning and before you`ve even had your coffee, you`re at the kitchen table drawing! Yes drawing, dreaded drawing! I swear, this Procreate drawing app with the pressure sensitive drawing stylus is mesmerizing! No more tedium! Putting in a background color is instantaneous, shading is fast and easy, corrections are immediate! I could spend all day with this thing! Its great advantage is there is no artifact. And that is precisely why I don`t give it all my time. I need to make a living. But for 'research' such as life drawing and location studies, it is ideal.
This was a quick one;

                                                                Oswego Lagoon-Ipad

This is how I did it;

Here are a couple of others;

                                                            Oregon Refuge-ipad

                                                                    Forest Details-Ipad

 Now that we finally have an open door with Cuba, I hope to see one of the lyrical, dreamlike paintings of Tomas Sanchez some day.

                                                                         Tomas Sanchez

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Ruth Armitage said...

I knew you would do great things with the ipad! Love your new painting, and especially the sketches! I will look forward to the new Laura Foster book too :)

Libby Fife said...


It's fun to have new tools isn't it? And I love that your digital paintings look just like your traditional paintings-your sensibilities come right through!

You seem to have a wonderful community of friends. Lucky guy:) Good luck too on the move. I am sure the area will offer ample inspiration for new work:)

Take Care,

Unknown said...

Hi Randall:
I am curious. Why can't your painting created on the I-Pad be included in your body of work?

Amy Minson

Randall David Tipton said...

You can Amy, absolutely but there are no pieces of paper to store unless you want to make a print from the file. And because this was made for professionals, the file sizes are huge! They would make wonderful prints! RT

E.M. Corsa said...

I so admire your embracing of new technology. Your work on this device looks so similar to your other paintings. It's making me want to try it, but I'm not there just yet.

Friends - a necessity and joy of life.