Saturday, February 6, 2016

Fanno Creek February

                                               Fanno Creek February oil on canvas 30x24

 My first painting of Feb., from the acre or so of wetlands where Fanno Creek joins the Tualatin River. [Easy to get to from Durham Park] Certain little places in the landscape grab and hold me, this is one.

We`re planning to move to Camas WA in the Fall to be nearer to my family. The hospice experience with my Mom made me realize I wanted to be closer to my brother and sisters in law. We worked so well together in caring for her.
But I will miss the special places in and around Lake Oswego I`ve become attached to.

 And speaking of Mom, she left her sons a little money! It is a bittersweet gift because she worried she`d outlive her funds but she didn`t.
Now I`m spending it and this would please her.
We`ve ordered a new sofa which is being made in a neighboring community.
I bought a painting! This is something I rarely do because I already have a couple  thousand paintings of my own. Look at this gem!;

                                                                 Melody Cleary

 There is no way I can look at this and not feel better. Thank you Melody!

In December I was in the home of Ruth Armitage and she showed me her new Ipad Pro as well as her snazzy new drawing stylus which she used with the drawing app called Procreate. I have used Art Rage and Brushes and found them complicated and frustrating while using my finger as the 'pencil'. But David Hockney, who is older than me, had mastered them so I kept trying. Ruth said Procreate was easy and she handed it to me. Within seconds I could tell this was altogether different. The great innovation was the pressure sensitive stylus. This allows for all the nuance in human emotion that comes through the hand. And it`s fast! So I just bought one too and I`m very excited. It will be terrific to take out on location with my plein air friends. These are my first attempts;

 Separated by an ocean and a continent, I have finally found my soulmate in painting. She lives in London but loves what I love. Elizabeth McGill paints the ambiance of forests and parks through painterly, expressive means;

                                                                 Elizabeth Mcgill

 Nice little reception last night at the Johnstone Financial Advisors. Turns out deep blue is the optimal color to display my work against!  The building is a wonderful example of optimistic, flamboyant 1970`s architecture. Take a look, get some advice!

work for sale in my studio


Ruth Armitage said...

Your first efforts on the ipad pro are amazing. Can't wait to see what else you do with it :) I love your work on the blue walls, and only wish I had made the reception to see them in person! And thanks for the inspiration of a new artist to admire....

RH Carpenter said...

Wow! Such a post full of gorgeous paintings today! Love the first painting - now THAT'S a Randall Tipton painting :) Perhaps I associate your palette in the greens and darks and pinks - those pinks that shine through (no wonder you loved the painting you bought - it is gorgeous and I think it could have been painted by you as it includes your signature colors). Your first attempts on the iPad are super - I adore the black and white and like the energy of the color version. Looking forward to more of those. I hope the move is a good one for you, creatively, and that you get lots of inspiration from the new area. Have a wonderful week to come.

Donna Thibodeau said...

I often buy a painting when I sell a painting. I don't live on my sales (I'd starve!) so I like to pass on the great feeling of a sale to an admired artist. I have a "friends" wall where I have a collection of beautiful work of others which brings me joy.

Melody Cleary said...

Thank you, Randall - I was tickled pink to have you purchase 'Late Bloomer'.!! Your large paintings on the blue walls are stunning....what a joy for the workers there!

Randall David Tipton said...

That's a really nice idea Donna!