Saturday, June 25, 2016

Plein Air Black and White and other landscapes

                                             Beside Oswego Creek watercolor on Yupo 12x12

 To avoid the nightmare of parking for the Lake Oswego Arts Festival, I pulled off the road and parked illegally above the creek and walked in. This bright idea left me wet with sweat looking for a cool corner to compose myself once I arrived. Soon I was dry enough for polite society and saw the shows. When I returned to my car, I retrieved my outdoor painting gear determined to do something on location. It`s a paradox that a process that is such a hassle ever produces anything of merit. I walked and slipped down the embankment to a sweet little spot near the falls. Once in position with a board across my lap, brushes,watercolors, kleenex, sponge, q-tips and water all within reach, I think my focus sharpened. I wanted to make this count. Using a severely limited palette freed me up to pursue the mood of the place.
 Productive week! It`s truly amazing all that can be accomplished while procrastinating something really important. I also did these and two mediocre abstractions;

                                                            Creek Pool watercolor on Yupo 10x8

 From a walk in Tryon Creek Park the other day. The water is already slow and dreamy.

                                                        Sea Slot watercolor on Yupo 12x9

 A view in Oceanside I`ve tried to paint several times to no avail. This one I`ll keep.

                                                             Na Pali Stream watermedia on Yupo 10x8

 It`s been three years since I was in Hawaii so this one was a struggle. At one point I was even scrubbing it with sandpaper!

                                                       Iron Mt. Group watercolor on Yupo 5x5

 Such a beautiful clump of trees jutting from the overgrown side of the mountain.

 Portland has a new art supplier and it meets my approval! No more stupid Dick Blick. I`ve been to the Artists and Craftsman Supply off SE Powell twice now and it`s wonderful. Knowledgeable staff, good prices and a huge selection!

work for sale in my studio

"New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum July 9 - Oct.1

Columbia Gorge Getaways [excellent for residents and visitors]


Mitch said...

I love these new works, Randall! Is it coincidence that they were all done on Yupo? The black and white is filled with a mystery that might not be there were it infused with color, and your drawing skills are forefront in all these new works, so something must really be clicking for you. The Creek Pool is an absolute masterpiece of handling focus and water, and the sharpness of the stones on the shore helps emphasize the softness of the water, I think. They are all terrific new pieces. Bravo!

E.M. Corsa said...

Beside Oswego Creek, my new favorite Randall. That hint of color reminds me of the Wizard of Oz when everything breaks into full spectrum. I'm waiting for your painting to do so yet I'm so glad it doesn't.

Na Pali Stream, the composition just draws me in. Love it.

This may be hard to hear though, my favorite pic on your post is the kitten with the hat. I've never liked to see animals stuffed into human clothing even though anthropomorphism has provided me with lots of fodder, but in this case, well 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

I think your creative solution to parking at the festival is great, besides what better then a walk in the woods before exploring new art.

“Beside Oswego Creek” brings back memories from my childhood. Was the limited pallet do to a limited color selection, or conscience decision to keep the work neutral.


Randall David Tipton said...

Thanks Anonymous, the monochromatic decision was because I knew I had a better chance to complete something. Much faster than when using color! That creek, all 1/4 mile of it, is so incredibly beautiful!

Libby Fife said...

Sweaty Randall and kittens in top hats!

I like all of the pieces shown but the creek is my favorite. Can a person ever get tired of that sort of space? I don't think so. I went and visited my favorite creek area last Tuesday and it didn't disappoint. Very quiet (mostly) and still flowing somewhat strongly.

Do you take your stuff for painting in a backpack? I have ditched carrying purses in favor of various sized backpacks. Sounds silly but they are so functional-including being good for carrying a sketchbook and some supplies.

Hope all is well. Thank you for the post.

RH Carpenter said...

Oh, my, these are super!! Love the "black and white" that has a tint of rose in it to my eyes. Lovely lovely lovely work all around - well worth the hassle, I'd say and I admire your grit, carrying all that and working on Yupo, to boot! You are amazing. Someday I will have an original on my walls - someday!