Sunday, July 17, 2016

Final demo - JFK suggestions?

                                          Iron Mt. Fog 5 watermedia on Yupo 13x20

 This is the fourth demonstration painting I did for my workshops last weekend in Coos Bay.

 On our return from Iceland July 28, we have a 7 hour holdover in the Jet Blue terminal at JFK, 12:30 pm to nearly 8 pm ! Any ideas to gainfully use that time are greatly appreciated! Suggestions for interesting stuff in that area of Queens are too! Especially with transportation instructions. Or, if anyone would like to visit, I`ll buy you lunch and promise to be entertaining.

                                                                 Washougal River

 Taken yesterday on the new greenway in Camas/Washougal WA. This is where I want to live. House hunting and moving are the next big projects in my life once we get back.

work for sale in my studio

"New Landscapes" Coos Art Museum July 9 - Oct.1


Rachel said...

Take an uber to Jamaica Bay wildlife refuge - it's 15 min by car and an incredible wildlife oasis. There is a visitors center and several trails.

Randall David Tipton said...

Thanks Rachel, I`ve heard of it! I love those kinds of places!