Thursday, May 4, 2017

Cascade Head Spring

                                    Cascade Head Spring watermedia on Yupo 12x42

 This is from my residency at the Sitka Center in 2014. I was so intent on painting a 'narrative' abstraction, this was underway within an hour of my arrival. I think it`s a good example of how rich, color appears on the plastic paper Yupo.
My most recent efforts have lacked merit to put it kindly. I`m still a bit disconcerted by what happened to me this winter. But not too concerned. A conversation, a new series, a hike, a brush, Pinterest inspiration...something will spark my enthusiasm and help me settle into a productive practice again.
 I did paint on location this morning and enjoyed it completely. My pals Mitch and Burt were there and the weather was perfect. It was sublime sitting there enjoying the views and warm breezes above the banks of the Willamette.

                                                            photo by Burt Jarvis

 It`s our plan to do this on Fridays throughout the summer. If anyone would like to join us, speak up!

 This is my new foot massager. I`m getting it ten years after my retirement from the restaurant industry but better late than never! I`ve wanted one ever since slipping into a sales model at the Brookstone in the airport many years ago. It is awesome, let me assure you!

                                                  Vladamir Putin by George W Bush

 Yes that George W Bush. Who would have ever guessed? I think of him as a war criminal but I have to say, the guy has talent. There is a new book out of his portraits of military service people and many of them are worthy of Alice Neel. In this link you can see more of them. I am no fan of our 43rd president but I do find it heartening that even someone with so much blood on his hands also has enough sensitivity to paint a psychologically penetrating portrait.
Human beings will always have both destructive and creative impulses at play in the confusion of our minds.

                                            Magnolia Open to the Sky watercolor 22x30

Open Studio Demonstration Sat. May 20, 10 am. Room for ten, please let me know if you`d like to come.
5373 Lakeview Blvd.
Lake Oswego OR

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Libby Fife said...


Every man is an artist I guess with perceptions and interests that we just maybe don't always see. We are such a multi faceted animal; it's hard to wrap my mind around all of the contradictions.

Glad that you are outside enjoying time with your friends. Actively trying to get better and to process what happened to you will take some time I guess. Patience can be hard to come by, for me anyway.

Hope all is well,

Maureen said...

Still love your magnolias, one of my favorite flowering trees.

RH Carpenter said...

Love the magnolias. I wish I could get past Bush's actions to really look and see if he's any good or not - some I like, some not. At least he's trying something creative in his retirement. Looks like the foot massage machine is a good thing - massages are always a good thing for those aches and pains. I know your muse will return - soon!

Jo Reimer said...

The tradition continues... I'm so glad to see a new magnolia painting. You are a master!

E.M. Corsa said...

I'm with Rhonda; hard to look past his past actions.

Love that painting from 2014!

And yes, I would to join you on Fridays. I don't have anyone who wants to work outside with me. Oh, but I'm on the wrong coast aren't I?!