Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Daily Painting-again

                                       Sun on the Winter Marsh watermedia on paper 12x9

 Since I`m not burning hot with great new ideas, I thought painting whole pieces in a single day might be useful again. Ten years ago the practice kept me working through the deepest grief I had experienced.
   Carol Marine makes a convincing case for the habit as a way of learning efficiently. In her book Daily Painting, she asserts working small and often as a way to gain confidence and develop technique. It`s also a way to be active in the studio when the muse is away. Almost exercises without any expectation, it`s pleasant and satisfying. Nothing I liked much has come from it until this piece, a bright, brittle winter slough. Here are some of the others, all watermedia on paper 12x9.

                                                                  Distant Green


 With perfect timing, this sweet little book arrived in the mail yesterday. It fits nicely in the hand and is filled with ideas, methods, proposals, concepts, and suggestions. And it`s illustrated with lots of paintings. The UK artist Joanna Goss contacted me a couple of years ago about using an image of mine. Naturally enough, I`m the section on Yupo;

 This is one of the coolest books on watercolor I`ve ever seen.

 That nice red head boy got married, God bless them.
Prince Harry served in two deployments in Afghanistan. Heel spurs were never mentioned. He also created the Invictus Games so that injured servicemen could also compete in sport.
I like Meghan too;

Image may contain: dog and text

 After referring to a poem in my last post that I`ve searched 48 years for, my pal Elisabeth sent me this wonderful piece by James Dickey;

                                                       The Heaven of Animals

Here they are. Their soft eyes open.
If they have lived in a wood
It is a wood.
If they have lived on plains
It is grass rolling
Under their feet forever.

Having no souls, they have come,
Anyway, beyond their knowing.
Their instincts wholly bloom
And they rise.
The soft eyes open.

To match them, the landscape flowers,
Outdoing, desperately
Outdoing what is required;
The richest wood,
The deepest field.

For some of these,
 it could not be the place
It is, without blood.
These hunt, as they have done,
but with claws and teeth grown perfect.

More deadly than they can believe.
They stalk more silently,
And crouch on the limbs of trees,
And their descent
Upon the bright backs of their prey

May take years
In a sovereign floating of joy.
And those that are hunted
Know this as their life.
Their reward; To walk

Under such trees in full knowledge
Of what is in glory above them,
And to feel no fear,
But acceptance, compliance.
Fulfilling themselves without pain

At the cycle`s center,
They tremble, they walk
Under the tree,
They fall, they are torn,
They rise, they walk again.

                                                        Prow by Christopher LeBrun

 Isn`t this magnificent?! It is as urgent and inspiring as when I first saw it 35 years ago.
Pegasus! We`ve been waiting for you! What is the message?

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morris said...

I'm a daily painter, currently working on 100 heads. I am interested in your knowledge of YUPO. I have been making oil portraits ,try out different medium . Have you ever combined watercolor with oil over it?

Libby Fife said...


I wish all animals were as fortunate as that beagle! Hard to dislike anyone who would go to those sort of lengths to help a dog.

Carol marine's ideas seem pretty sound to me. A person could get stuck thinking they have to do something big. Working continuously (so long as you remain alert and don't get in a rut) seems like a good way to stay in touch with yourself.

I like all of your efforts. They seem like places I would like to visit:)

Hope you are well and plugging along. Thanks as always for the post.

PS-I had to look up that spur thing. Almost sorry that I did.

RH Carpenter said...

As usual, you have given me a day’s worth of things to think about in this single post!! I have to admit that you (and Carol Carter) are the only two artists who make me love green. That rock - makes me want to climb on it and sit in the sunshine and smell and feel the green all around :). I like all of the small paintings and am glad you are not becoming frustrated without a big idea but doing doing doing (that’s all we can do and this moment it the only moment we have). Thanks for sharing that story - it says a lot about the folks in Kentucky (it’s hard to find ways to stand up for Kentucky with our state big-wigs so I’m taking this one) to drive that pup to Toronto and how lucky to get adopted there by MM. I wonder, in his puppy mind if he thought, “If you all would just give me a chance, I’ll someday be riding with the Queen”? What a story! And I’m going to look up the books you mentioned, too. Looking forward to more little paintings and moments in time from you.

Randall David Tipton said...

Morris, yes I have. If a watermedia piece is disappointing, I`ll spray it with Krylon Matte Finish and then proceed with oils.

Maggie Emm said...

It's a privilege to live with an animal and have them trust you - regards to Lyndon!

morris said...

Thanks! I have done that.Interesting texture to start out. I love your beautiful work by the way.So inspiring.