Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Season 2

A new watercolor wedged into my oil painting regime, tomorrow the setup will be changed back. My holy grail for a studio is a place large enough for a watermedia area and one for oils. Believe me I know I`m fortunate just to have shelter, my neighborhood isn`t doing too well. But someday this luxury may be mine. I wonder if I`ll still care. My brother Mike says 'you can`t have what you want until you don`t want it anymore'.


Patrice said...

Sadly, for many of us, what your brother says may be true - but I'd rather be happy than right, so I go on believing that one day I'll have that studio - the one with skylights and north light; ceilings 20 feet high in the sculpture area (Did I mention the winch and overhead track?) A foundry would add a nice touch, too. There'll be a separate "clean" space with floor to ceiling windows on two sides and wall space enough for several huge canvases all at once. I visualize a small and cozy office for my computer with map drawers to store all the wonderful rag and Arches papers and sketchbooks. And I mustn't forget to mention the collage/assembly room - complete with built-in counter space all around and a wall of see-through drawers to store the detritus of such works... and a door that shuts firmly to kitties who play "throw it off the table" with whatever is left available.


Now that I've ruined your image of how I must be working... let me say that I'm loving your work more and more. As Margaret said, that red skirting, uh, uh, mmm.. - quite visually seductive, and your color combinations are unique to you. These pieces have real punch.

TSL said...

Patrice is right about your color combinations, so true.

I wonder if you might share what you mean about your neighborhood not doing so well right now. Are you referring to the economy and forclosures?