Thursday, July 16, 2009

Night Stream

Since my return from BC, I`ve completed several oil paintings, including this one yesterday morning. I`ve been looking at watercolors online and feeling inspired. I set everything up for a good session. I got out some unsuccessful old figure drawings done on my beloved 'original' Meridian paper and turned them over to paint on the back. Laid down a couple of washes and froze. It was as if I had never used watercolor before. It`s liquid! How in the world do you get it to do what you want? Not the mentality needed. I cleaned everything up and began a new oil painting. The opposite experience has happened too; after months of intensive work with watermedia, when I begin again with oil paint, it seems unacceptably greasy and sort of gross.

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LS Jones said...

Great post - even though I don't paint, I can feel what you are talking about. And Rob says the same. Great to "hear" your voice and thoughts. And the piece is gorgeous.