Saturday, April 17, 2010

Untitled [magnolia]

I found this going through old paintings I pulled out of storage. I think I like it even if it`s too red. One thing has really been obvious as I`ve sorted through tax returns, bank statements, magazines, legal papers and letters, paper is on the way out. Thank God! I am so tired of shredding stuff with my social security number on it. We all probably know someone who has been a victim of identity theft. What an ongoing living hell that seems to be!
Recently I bought a big fat expensive book on Nordic landscape painting and quickly realized I could have seen nearly all the images online, for free. With my eyesight, reading has become so much easier on the computer too. I want as much stuff as possible digitized and on a hard drive or on a server somewhere. I can`t keep moving these boxes. Down with paper! Unless it has a watercolor on it!


Cynthia said...

I know I sound like a broken record but this is gorgeous!
We only reallize how much paper one house can hold when it comes time to move it all. I recently gave my house a good "de-papering" and it felt so good. True, the only paper worth saving is watercolor paper ...and don´t forget a page or two for an occasional collage. I am not going to say,,,have "fun" moving as I know all too well what a time consuming, nerve wracking job it is. Have a good move,,in that not toooo many things get dented or broken :( You know we will all be suffering from withdrawals without our "fix" till mid-May don´t you.
Do post some of your drawings between packing boxes and cleaning out cupboards......good luck!
oh yeah , thanks for the tip on David Shratter. I really like his
take on birds.

Maureen said...

Paper, my house is full of it, and one day it will be entirely meaningless, excluding all my books, of course and all the works on paper and all the poems that I'd like to think will one day be in books and not just on paper.

I don't know how you got packed, pulling out all of these treasures, one after the other. I'd want to see this before deciding it's "too red". You "do red" so beautifully, after all.

Scott Paterson said...

Good Lord! I missed this the first time around. Jaw-droppingly beautiful, if you'll excuse the adverb. So now you're doing watercolors to keep the (moving) blues away. What are you, some kinda artist?